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Any ESA advice? A bit confused!

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CarolJones342 Mon 12-Dec-16 00:45:14

Hi all,

I hope this is in the right place! I applied for ESA way back in June, they backdated my claim to march with Drs notes but I've only just had my assessment 2 weeks ago. I really struggle to use the phone so I'm trying to avoid calling if possible.

I just have a few quick questions, if anyone could help I'd be so grateful. My friend is trying to help me but I know she's getting stressed.

Firstly, my assessment appeared to go very well, the HCP agreed that I can't work but said its still down to DWP to make that decision. How long do these decisions usually take to come through?

Also, I was told at the assessment that if I get put into the support group, the extra would be backdated to the 13th week after my claim started. Would that be 13 weeks from when I applied (June) or 13 weeks from when I had my claim backdated to (March)?

I hope that makes sense? I feel so embarrassed asking this but I'm really struggling with my anxiety at the moment and I'm trying to get on top of everything finance wise.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Nutfreepeanutter Mon 12-Dec-16 00:49:41

Don't worry about it, it's always confusing.

It'll be 13 weeks from March. That'll be considered the start of your claim as that's when they've paid you from.

Decision times after assessments vary on back logs and how many cups of tea they need lol but usually within around 2-6weeks.
Mine was longer the first time but the second time it was decided on paper by 12 weeks but not paid until the end of the 13th week as not much had changed.

CarolJones342 Mon 12-Dec-16 01:43:39

That's great to know and such a load off my mind! I'm struggling at the moment. I can only hope the decision comes through fairly quickly. Thank you ever so much.

Nutfreepeanutter Mon 12-Dec-16 03:34:53

No problem, it's a pain waiting on them feels like it takes forever.
If there's someone you live with or trust to phone places for you, you can have them authorised to speak on calls if you want to phone and ask if they have a current waiting time. Sometimes you'll get lucky and they'll tell you the decisions been made, they can't say what that is but it let's you know the letters coming.

Claire1234help Wed 21-Dec-16 15:23:14

Hi i am looking for any advice i can get , my antie sara has been claiming esa for health issues shes been with her partner for 2 years now and shes found out that shes 4 months pregnent my question is will her esa claim be affected when she has the baby thanks

Claire1234help Wed 21-Dec-16 15:24:44


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