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Monitoring Our Utility Expense

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Purple999Red Fri 18-Nov-16 08:11:06

I was tasked by my sister-in-law to assist in the financial and service management of her restaurant chains. But you know, I don't think, I'm good at it. I need an assistance to help me with bill processing and monitoring our utility expense. What do you think is the best way to remotely observe, track and manage each of their sites? Our goal is to save on our operational expense.

user1479600727 Sun 20-Nov-16 01:03:48

Hi. Can you be more specific with what you need? Are you referring to Utility Bill Processing? If yes, Ecova has a software for that - I dont know much about the company but my previous employer had selected that specific software for billing/cost analysis before I resigned. But if you are talking about invoice processing/management, it's a different thing and there's a separate software for that. If you could be more specific with your requirement, I'll try to help you again.

Purple999Red Sat 26-Nov-16 01:57:02

Hi Thank you for that suggestion. I am not very familiar with ecova. We used something else with my previous company ... I really can't remember the name. I checked ecova, though, as per your suggestion and I think their software for continuous monitoring can be my starting point. There were other software when I entered continuous monitoring, this is one of them, - in a google search, so I've got my work cut out for me - but thanks for giving me a jumpstart. Please post here if you think of anything else too smile Much appreciated.

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