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Santander Probate

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SantanderNightmare Tue 15-Nov-16 13:10:14

Mum lived with Dad
Mum had joint accounts with Dad at Santander
Dad and Mum also had separate accounts with Santander
Mum is in her 80s
Mum is the sole beneficiary of Dad's will

Mum does not need to complete probate to gain access to any of Dad's funds elsewhere ... except at Santander ... at a cost of £215 for probate ... and a whole load of hassle ... just because they have set an arbitrary limit, not required in law, before combined funds in all accounts of the deceased may be released without probate.

Chose wisely my friends before investing in this gribby little company

kath6144 Tue 15-Nov-16 19:18:06

What are their limits, Op? And presumably it only applies to the sole accounts, as your mum should still be able to access the joint account herself?

My mum was with Halifax and I think theirs is about 15K, but then we had a house to sell so needed probate anyway!

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