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Tax credits claim closed

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Wheresthemissingsqueakyegg Sun 13-Nov-16 18:45:38

Anyone have any experience of this?

It is really stressing me
Out - I received a letter about 6 weeks requesting I send some information to confirm only myself living at the property (as they have on record a previous tenant resides at my address) which I duly sent, however they said they have not received this and have stopped my claim.
When I spoke to them on Friday (only discovered my claim had been stopped as didn't receive my usual weekly payment) they advised I now need to re send all the information I sent previously and request a mandatory reconsideration , anyone have any information on how long this usually takes? I'm going to post the information via recorded delivery tommorow but am panicking now as its approx £800 a month I have now lost and I still have bills and nursery costs to pay for this month (I'm a single parent)
Many thanks!

needsahalo Tue 15-Nov-16 19:24:01

I had this situation recently. Took 16 days to reinstate after a mandatory reconsideration. Send recorded delivery. Is it Concentrix? If so, also send to HMRC. If in doubt, ask your MP to get involved.

Wheresthemissingsqueakyegg Tue 15-Nov-16 19:28:20

Thanks for your reply! I've sent everything recorded delivery (it cost me almost £20 to send everything with printing as well) not with Concentrix just there compliance team! Thanks for the info, 16 days doesn't sound too bad!!

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