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Parking Fine

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TheStorySoFar Mon 07-Nov-16 15:40:25

Anyone ever dealt with UCS regarding an unpaid parking fine? Genuine lost ticket. They've added £60 admin not the original fine shock

user1478764659 Thu 10-Nov-16 09:55:04

Hi, i have seen on other forums people in a similar situation.

Read this link below and make up your own mind what or how you would like to address it.

On the ticket does it say fine or invoice. Legally these mean two significantly different things and I would then go the CAB and see what they advise.

ivykaty44 Thu 10-Nov-16 20:24:05

Who is the debt collecting agent?

I have a fine and have started paying at a small amount per month through standing order through bank

The debt collection company are sending letters threatening court - I reply with letters and Email, showing I'm paying, slowly, but still paying and not sure if they can still take me to court if I'm paying of the fine abet slowly over several months.....

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