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small business and personal tax assessment

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user1467297746 Mon 24-Oct-16 16:03:12

We moved back to the UK 6 months ago. I have been away for 20 odd years in the Far East.

Having sold our place over there we have cash to buy a place here, but some how its taken us over 6 months to find somewhere - and becos of that we havent opened bank accounts here - did try but then needed to get addresses verified ( ended up going on the electoral register)

We were planning to get a BTL place or 2 as well also as a cash purchase - it might bring in 600 to 900 after we did months of DIY!

I have carried on working with my existing Asian Clients over the web - its not stellar money, I have perhaps earned 15 - 20k for some design work - some was paid before the pound crash so hard to say exactly the income right now, some is still in $$ not pounds

And we were going to do the BTL ( which might need some DIY etc which we would do )

I just saw something online which said need to file tax assessments soon!

What can we claim for legitimately as expenses?

we dont have any bills in our name yet since just camping with family.

I guess things like petrol?

could be relocation / storage expenses? altho again non of this conducted inside the UK.

suddenly feeling terrified!

Ta1kinpeece Mon 24-Oct-16 21:19:16

Get an accountant.
They will save you far more stress and money than they will charge you.
I'd suggest asking on here
as there are some really good accountants who are taking on new clients

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