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SAHP and husband likely to lose job

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JustALittleBitStressed Thu 20-Oct-16 16:45:22

My husband is very likely about to lose his job- he is waiting for a disiplinary date but has already received a written warning several months ago, so I am preparing for the worst outcome.

I am currently a SAHP with our youngest child being only 6 weeks old. I understand that if DH is sacked he wouldn't be able to claim JSA for a set amount of time. I had been planning on looking for work when our baby is older but think it will be easier for me to find employment now rather than DH. Would I be able to claim JSA if DH stays at home instead to look after our baby? We currently claim child tax credits and some housing benefits. Does anyone know if these would be affected?

I will contact CAB tomorrow but any advice welcome please, my head is spinning a little!

Manumission Thu 20-Oct-16 16:48:47

Yes, you can switch roles and you be jobseekers while he cares for the baby. You won't both be expected to work as you have an under-one.

Housing benefit and ctc should both increase once you inform t he tax credit helpline of your JSA claim (assuming they are both partial now).

JustALittleBitStressed Thu 20-Oct-16 19:24:12

Thanks Manumission

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