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Compensation from utility company

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JeanPadget Tue 18-Oct-16 21:54:45

Hello. I'm posting in the hope that someone has experienced a similar situation and can advise me.

Last December my electricity company replaced the electricity meters in my house. (I had two because of E7; no gas.) The company was utterly incapable of closing down the old meters and setting up the new ones, so I kept getting fobbed off with estimated bills. Last summer I'd had enough, so I wrote to the CEO of the company and within four days the troubleshoooting department took over. These replacement meters were removed last week, replaced by a single meter, and hopefully the who farrago should be over soon - or at least, within the year smile.

The (very helpful) woman who has been keeping me informed of progress since I wrote to the CEO has now mentioned, in very vague terms, compensation. Does anyone know how much they are likely to offer & how much is a reasonable sum to ask for? I've spent hours of my time trying to get this resolved, and whilst I don't want to be greedy, even £10 per week would come to something like £420 now. Any advice?

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