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Travel insurance "curtailment"

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Overthinker2016 Mon 17-Oct-16 21:45:01

In what situation would you think you can claim for curtailment?

My Dad ended up in hospital in Europe - seriously ill. He was due to board a cruise but couldn't. He was also so ill he was in hospital for a week before he could fly back to the UK.

The insurance company won't reimburse the cost of the cruise. They say his holiday wasn't curtailed as he didn't go back to the UK. hmm

But he couldn't have gone back to the UK right away - would probably have died on the flight. Policy does not expressly say curtailment means returning home. Suggests/ implies it but is ambiguous at best.

specialsubject Tue 18-Oct-16 12:48:51

ah, travel insurers. Can't do without them and would never suggest that you do - but claiming is a whole world of pain.

He booked to go on a cruise, not to spend time in hospital. So he didn't get the holiday he booked.

raise a formal complaint stating your position clearly. If no joy, on to the ombudsman - and make it clear in the complaint that is what you will do.

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