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Amazon A-Z guarantee, for who?

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Motherogods Mon 17-Oct-16 09:48:58

I am a prime member on Amazon. It seemed like a good thing last January just facing my 3rd major surgery for yet another tumour, this one in my lymph nodes between my lungs and wrapped around my vena cava. I thought Amazon would be easy, free post for lots of stuff and free streaming. I've got an Amazon e-reader (lighter than a book!) and a kindle!
Then this month, I decided to have a new dressing gown, warm and without the hospital connection. I ordered a DKaren (no I'd never heard of them either!) 'luxurious' dressing gown for £34.45 (plus £4.35 post). It arrived all soft, but when I put it on the line, after a brief 30 degree wash so it wasn't horrifically static, I realised that I could see through it!
That's no good! That is poor quality material! I'll send it back!
DKaren accepted the return and sent me a royal mail postage label. Other Amazon stuff is usually picked up at the door. When I got to the PO, I realised it was a 2nd class label, but they blipped the bar code and gave me the printed Proof of Posting.
10 days later and I still hadn't been reimbursed so I follow it though. DKaren tell me they 'clearly state' (I never saw anything) that it is not signed for or registered post, yes? why? Because they are going to say that they have not received your package!
Oh well! Amazon A-Z guarantee says that it "We want you to buy with confidence anytime you make a purchase on the" So I start a claim. No, I can be like the parcel and get lost! They will not reimburse me as I didn't pay the extra and get it signed for! WHAT?
Now you and I both know that signed for, means a dreadful machine that registers some of your squiggle, but it is not 'signed for' it could be anyone's illegible moniker! Quite often here in rural Wales they dont even take a signature, I just find things shoved through my door!
Proof of posting on the other hand, has the first line of the address and the postcode, which post office it was sent through, what time & date! It just means nothing apparently to amazon!
So here's the thing...
Always pay that bit extra to have it registered or signed for when you post stuff.
Don't believe Amazon's claims of a buyers guarantee (it's perhaps A-L...L for lost!)
Dont waste your money buying a DKaren (multinational manufacturing company with an office and warehouse in Bristol) dressing gown there are far better quality dressing gowns at a fraction of the price on ebay!

Better still if you are well and can , go to your local shops and buy locally made and sold things. It's better for our local economy and it may well be some unique, hand made, artisan crafted item that you can be justifiably proud to own or give!

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