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Tax rebate?

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user1471539466 Sun 16-Oct-16 15:14:20

Hi all, new to this forum

I started my new job around 2 weeks ago and I have therefore started the tax year late. Am I entitled to a rebate? How do I go about getting this?

Afreshstartplease Sun 16-Oct-16 15:16:06

How much will you earn this tax year

user1471539466 Sun 16-Oct-16 15:16:57


Nanasueathome Sun 16-Oct-16 15:17:24

Have you earned since April?
You will only get a rebate of tax you have already paid if you have not reached the earnings threshold
You need to call HMRC and get an accurate tax code sent to your new employers and then take it from there

Afreshstartplease Sun 16-Oct-16 15:17:45

No then!

user1471539466 Sun 16-Oct-16 15:24:57

The reason I ask is because another worker in the same position as me did receive one. He stated it was because I have entered the tax year late.

LIZS Sun 16-Oct-16 15:25:30

You shouldn't pay tax this tax year if you earn that prorata for 6 months ish with no other income as it will fall under the personal allowance. If you are coded such that you do, you can reclaim in April.

user1471539466 Sun 16-Oct-16 15:27:03

Thank you so much for your help

DiegeticMuch Sun 16-Oct-16 17:52:43

Assuming you have no company benefits, your tax code should be 1100L cumulative (ie not 1100LX). You can check it here If you've told your employer that it's your first and only job in this tax year, they should have put you on that code automatically.

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