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Beware currys 30 day warranty

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user1476548716 Sat 15-Oct-16 18:05:36

Hello there my first post here so be gentle,

We bought a Humax freeview tv box less than 90 days ago.
Right from the very first week of using it we had noticed that programmes we'd recorded had failed and then realised the box had started switching its self off and rebooting.
We knew it was new and it would be guaranteed so it wasn't a big issue.
We knew we'd have to return it but as we never really get time to travel to local shopping centres etc but again as we knew it would be gauranteed it wasn't an important issue.
Today we found ourselve with a bit of spare time so we returned the box to our local currys centre.
We produced our receipt etc and explained that the box has an intermittent fault even to the point that it'd recently rebooted three times within one film
.Expecting to receive a new box and to be on way, problem solved...... NOT AS EASY...
It was explained to us that currys don't replace faulty goods but send them off for repair is not the answer we expected.
So thinking that the young assistant had got it wrong. We asked to speak to the manager... who basically gave us the same reply.
I said I didn't want it to be repaired as it sounds like it has a serious fault. We are not very happy that the box has to be returned to the manufacturers for repair what with it having an issue while it was still so new.
Thinking about the situation you have put us in I would really like a full refund and ill purchase from a shop that has a better customer service.
This sort of customer service is not what anybody would expect from such a large retailer as yourselves.
So much for the companys current logo 'For peace of mind were here to help'....... hardly reassuring is it?
Surely If an electrical item is overheating and having to switch itself off this is usually a worrying sign and by simply repairing the item won't necessarily fix the problem.
It's our fault for not reading the small print but this warranty certainly doesn't help the consumer.
Apparently lots of other stores are starting to implement the same 'customer care' options.
So there we have it no tv untill they decide its faulty.
We were given a leaflet titled
'we want you to live your new product'..... 'we are here to help you if you need us'......... ummmmm
I know that Argos are doing a similar thing am I so old that customer service is a thing of the past.
John Lewis's have a two year warranties on most items....
I could understand if it was an
Internet transaction eBay and the likes.

Rockchick1984 Sun 16-Oct-16 19:41:59

You have the right to a refund or replacement within 30 days. After that, you have the right to a repair, replacement or a refund minus a fair amount for the usage you've already had.

If the warranty was only 30 days then you wouldn't be having a repair offered to you confused

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