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Need legal advice on dodgy builders

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Isthislegal Thu 08-Feb-07 13:45:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiglett Thu 08-Feb-07 13:48:28

write to them

tell them what you expect to be done and by when (a realistic date .. give them a couple of weeks / month dependent on work needing done)

tell them if it is not completed by that date you will have no option but to involve your solicitors in claiming back money for services and goods not supplied

tell them you want it confirmed in writing

itemise exactly what has been paid .. what has been completed to your satisfaction, what has not been completed

write the letter and post it here and I'll help you tailor it if you want

Freckle Thu 08-Feb-07 13:49:21

Write to the company with a list of work you required to be done and give a completion date. Tell them that, if the work isn't done by that date (make the date reasonable), you will issue court proceedings for repayment of the money paid. Alternatively, you will arrange for another company to do the work and will expect them to pay the bill.

Make time of the essence - useful phrase for legal purposes.

Send the letter by recorded delivery and keep a copy.

frogs Thu 08-Feb-07 13:56:13

Ideally you would have a formal contract or at least an estimate from they setting out exactly the terms on which you were instructing them. But even a verbal contract is binding -- obviously it's not legal to just take money off people and disappear into the sunset.

Write them a very clear formal letter setting out what you are unhappy with and what you want them to do about it. You can't really ask for your money back with respect to work that they have actually carried out, unless it is clearly sub-standard. But make a list of all the items that have not been supplied or works not carried out as agreed, ideally working out the associated costs from their original estimate.

Then state that you feel they have breached their contract with you, and ask for the balance of the money to be repaid to you within fourteen days. Cc it to your solicitor if you have one, and maybe to local Trading Standards (who you could also ring to find out if they know about these people).

If you hear nothing, write again three weeks later, enclosing a copy of your previous letter and state that if they do not repay the amount owed in full within fourteen days you will have no option but to take legal action in the county court to recover the money.

Then wait fourteen days and sue them. You can make county court claims online, much easier than doing it in person.

Isthislegal Thu 08-Feb-07 13:56:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NellBurne Mon 12-Oct-15 10:37:17

Has anyone had any work done using Urban Thrift Housing?

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