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Advice needed about attachment of earnings

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alibennett85 Tue 11-Oct-16 21:47:48

Hoping I've posted this in the correct place as it's been a while.
I fell behind the other year with my council
Tax and it ended up going to court and an attachment of earnings was put into place, I was happy with this and it was coming out of my wages every month but suddenly stopped, I thought the balance must have finished but have since had contact from a debt company saying I owe the money still and that I will expect a call at my property from a Bailiff.
I asked for the number of the Bailiff which they gave me and have left a message and tried to speak with them but they don't answer or call back?

I'm so scared as never been in this situation before, it's making me feel constantly sick and I've got no one really I can talk to about this

Has anyone else has this happen?

Thanks in advance

Ali x

Oldsu Wed 12-Oct-16 08:03:11

Do you know what you owed and do you have a record of the money taken out so you can check that you have paid all you owe.

If you don't have that information there a couple of things you can do, you can ask payroll why the payments stopped

According to this guide they have to make payments until
they are advised to stop
you die (not likely in your case)
you leave the employment - I take it you are still with the same employer
There is no more outstanding debt
or your employer is asked to make a fixed rate deduction

Once you have found out why go back and speak to the council ask for a statement of your account if necessary go down the subject access route

But do NOT contact the DCA again, if they contact you don't speak to them on the phone get everything in writing.

Oldsu Wed 12-Oct-16 08:05:26

Sorry that guide is for DWP debt but the principles would be the same I would have thought for any DEA

alibennett85 Wed 19-Oct-16 08:05:58

Thank you for your reply.
I spoke with my work who looked into the matter and confirmed that it was their error that the payments weren't being made. They then sent a letter to the local council about this.
This morning I have woke up to a letter through my door from the Bailiff saying they are going to attend again after 11am

PingPongBat Wed 19-Oct-16 08:35:48

You need to get onto the council and your employer to try and get them talking to each other, to sort this out.

Whatever you do don't let the bailiff in - and they have no right to enter using force so don't let them persuade you to let them over your doorstep.

I would suggest ringing the council as soon as their lines open this morning, get the name of the person you speak to there, and try and find out who's been speaking to your employer, then you can tell the bailiff what's happening and ask them to go back to the council. If you have no luck try your local CAB to ask them to help you get this sorted out. Good luck

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