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experience of claiming PPI with N&P

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albazavi Tue 11-Oct-16 16:23:05

I've recently found out that we had mortgage protection insurance when we had our mortgage with Norwich and Peterborough 6 years ago. We were paying it for about 2 years. My dh works in banking so does most of the mortgage paperwork. He knew we had PPI but didn't want to claim as it was a close family friend who sorted out our mortgage and insurances.

I do feel we were miss old as we were sold it based on the risk of losing our jobs. I'm a teacher so a very secure job and my husband was secured on a 3 year graduate scheme at the time.

I'd like to put a claim in but my dh hasn't wanted to because it would feel as if we were claiming against a friend. I think it's the company that would have pushed her to sell it to us, rather than her fault!

Does anyone have any experience. If we put in a claim, we she know about it or get into trouble for mis selling? Also has anyone claimed against N&P with success?


FlabulousChic Tue 11-Oct-16 21:24:48

She won't get into trouble at all it's down to the company you bought it from not the person who sold it to you

MrsOs Mon 05-Dec-16 23:09:09

Did you put a claim in, how did it go?

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