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PPI Issue advice needed

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dawneloise Tue 11-Oct-16 01:41:05

I called Lloyds and asked if I'd had ppi from them and received a letter saying no, in the meantime I'd filled out a form for a ppi company but left it sitting on the side ready to post if I didn't hear anything from Lloyds.

Found out that my DH posted the letter for me when I got a text from the ppi company saying they'd started proceedings but thought oh well Lloyds say there's nowt there so it won't matter.

I've now had a letter from Lloyds saying that they made a mistake and I did have ppi and that they're dealing with it. I've messaged the ppi company and told them that I don't want them dealing with it but they're not happy and threatening to invoice me with admin charges if I cancel.

I've looked online and all it says is that you can't have 2 ppi claims ongoing and that the first one supersedes any future claims so hopefully that means that I have first dibs. This company wants me to pay 30% of what could be a fair amount of money to me.

What can I do? Any ideas? Tyia

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