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Setting up account for baby

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Cinnamon84 Sun 09-Oct-16 10:32:53

I want to set up a savings account for my 8 week old son, I thought my partner and I could both put in maybe £10 a month.
Has anyone done this before and know which banks offer the best interest etc?

Bibs2014 Sun 09-Oct-16 10:36:45

I have the Halifax Young Saver account for my son.

user1468321775 Mon 10-Oct-16 07:40:01

It depends on whether you want to access the money or not. I have a Halifax Young Saver for my son which you can access - although you don't get a card to withdraw. He's also very fortunate to have a Clydesdale ISA too, set up by grandparents, but it doesn't mature till he's 10

Sarahwoods2000 Mon 10-Oct-16 07:45:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

melibu84 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:04:55

We set up accounts with Halifax too, they had by far the best interest rate. I am the only one who can withdraw from it, so when our DS is older, he can't go crazy with the savings smile

BumWad Sun 16-Oct-16 13:35:05

I think the Halifax Young Saver has the best interest rate the last time I checked on money saving expert.

But I just opened a Natwest one for ease as it's connected to my account when I do online banking etc. I opened an account for DS when he was around 4 months old we put in £45 a month and all gift money.

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