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B & C Compliance want important original documents such as passports

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blubberyboo Thu 06-Oct-16 21:16:39

this week we received a letter from this crowd looking to investigate our joint tax credit claim.
long story short my husband became unemployed in oct last year so in middle of tax year our income dropped significantly on the previous year creating a potential payment of £2k. they would not pay this until end of tax year 2016 after award finalised in case he got another job.

I got renewal pack in june and went online and confirmed the exact same income details that had been declared by our employers on p60 and p45

and I waited for the potential payment to be released............

and waited..........
rang twice in august and 3 times in sept and was told a range of different stories but an adviser told me that my online renewal hadn't worked and he took income over phone again - he told me I would have the money within 10 weeks

I have phoned 3 times in sept to complain and nobody called me back

then just this week got a letter from b & c to say they are investigating us and now I have to send a sh1tload of stuff to them..most of which I have no idea why.
we are joint claimants, I work over 35 hours a week and we have no childcare

they want:
payslips, p60, p45, payslips and employment contract, proof of child benefit number, bank statements, and proof of any other benefits we get( we get none )
then they want: passports for us and our 3 children, all of our medical cards, birth certificates and proof of nationality ( we are and always have been british)
then they want letters from schools to confirm childrens attendance, letters for any medical treatment or bills they have!!
proof of electricity, gas ( we don't get gas where I live)water ( no water charges here) and phone bills
mortgage statement or rent book ( don't have these either as property is owned outright)

I am mightily pissed at receiving this letter 6 months after end of tax year and when I called and gave off they said we had been selected for this review on 22nd june but they've only gotten round to sending our letter now, and seemingly the idiots at HMRC couldn't even manage to tell me this every time I rang

does this amount of stuff seem normal? like actually having to get proof from a school that I have the children one of whom is now 14? and proof of our electrical bills etc?
I can understand them needing to check our income and my working hours( funny HMRC were happy to give hubby a tax rebate at the end of the year without any more checks) but the rest seems excessive
my main issue is with sending the passports - couldn't give a diddly squat if they lose everything else, but passports for 5 people are expensive and there is no way in hell I am sending the originals with no guarantee of when i'll get them back - but the manager on phone insisted they get originals of everything sent by special delivery. they have already proven their incompetence I do not trust them to actually look after them even after signing for special delivery

Im at the point where I feel like telling them to stick their tax credit and their £2k, thankfully hubby has just been offered a new job so hopefully wont need this crap next year. spoke to a complaints adviser this week who advised me to complain a 4th ( or maybe 5th?) time in writing

has anybody else sent passports, and if so if and when did you get them back? what if they are needed for travel ?

Balletgirlmum Thu 06-Oct-16 21:21:44

Tell them you don't have passports? Many people don't.

blubberyboo Thu 06-Oct-16 21:25:58

i'm worried that they maybe can check with the passport agency if we are meant to be holders.

Unlockable Thu 13-Oct-16 13:01:07

im not aware of B&C having any contract with HMRC and i would check with the Tax office before sending any documents at all

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