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Has anyone claimed the marriage allowance?

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ThisUsernameIsAvailable Sun 02-Oct-16 22:39:09

How much did you get back? Some sites say £212 and some say £422 (ish)
I can't work out how long it should take either, some people saying it's only sent out at certain times of the year. confused

milkjetmum Sun 02-Oct-16 22:41:04

I have, you don't get it back as such, just get a slightly higher tax allowance so over the year pay a little less tax

PonderingLikeAPond Sun 02-Oct-16 22:42:35

What is it?

ThisUsernameIsAvailable Sun 02-Oct-16 22:43:15

Oh, I'm confused now lol I'm sure it said I would get a cheque in the post confused

thatstoast Sun 02-Oct-16 22:46:31

You can get last year's backdated. I applied from the outset so didn't get a rebate but DH paid less tax.

ThisUsernameIsAvailable Sun 02-Oct-16 22:47:11

I've just double checked the email and it says they will send a cheque with any previous years tax we are owed

milkjetmum Mon 03-Oct-16 17:03:46

I think it only backdates to April 2015 though (sadly!)

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