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Concentrix/HMRC - What a mess!

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Heidipiedy Fri 30-Sep-16 08:53:18

Hi everyone, Just got of the phone from HMRC/Concentrix and I dont think they know their poop hole from their elbow!

I'm just wondering if anyone can help clarify because I am confused.

Our tax credit award came in and our childcare for 15/16 and 16/17 had been put down as £0 for both years. I dug out my old letters and confirmed I had estimated £47 a week for both years and this was down on our previous award notices. Our income went up slightly this year so we havent recieved any childcare help since April, but last year on a lower income, we were given £600 across that year.Now they are saying we were overpaid as our Childcare cost were £0 for that year, when in fact it was more like £38 - £40 going through invoices.

I called up and was advised this was due to Concentrix looking into the case and that I would recieve a letter shortly with their outcome. So I got this letter which basically said They had looked into it and nothing would be changed sorry for causing any worry, a new award would be posted. Nothing to say they didnt agree with anything we had declared or anything like that. Im presuming if they didnt agree the letter would have gone into detail about it?

So the new award arrived and low and behold it still say a big fat £0 for both years. I called up to advise them to update it as I had my previous letters, but she said she needed to put me back to concentrix. So concentrix said they couldnt update it and that I needed to to appeal the desicion if I didnt agree with it.

So what do I appeal? There desicion it appears was it was fine. My issue is that my childcare decleration had been removed. So do I need to appeal to say I dont agree with changing my childcare cost to £0, but im happy that they didnt find an issue?? I'm really confused. I just dont understand why they would change 'my' estimate to £0 when I obviously have had childcare cost, they were not £0 (I wish it was!) Anyone in a simular situation or can offer advice?

Babyroobs Fri 30-Sep-16 17:19:17

Do you know if you would actually have got any help with your childcare bill being so low? I would appeal it only if it is actually going to make any difference and mean you might be owed some money.

Heidipiedy Sat 01-Oct-16 10:43:42

My point was I have no decision to appeal. Concentrix sent the letter stating they found nothing incorrect and the case was passed back to HMRC.
Not expecting help this year, but in 15/16 we were awarded £600 towards childcare cost based on our childcare cost being £47 a week.I have the letters from 2015 that clearly show show all this, but when I got the renewal this year that included both 15/16 and 16/17 my childcare cost have been removed. Both renews states you have no childcare cost. This now means HMRC think we were overpaid £600 and want it back. That was for the childcare element which they calculated based on our income and childcare cost. However now the system says we had no childcare cost for that year, so they think we were overpaid.
HMRC said they cant put it back on if concentrix removed it, but Concentrix have sent the letter stating they found nothing amis - so who removed it? If concentrix removed it shouldnt they have said? And why remove it if they was nothing wrong? I cant appeal, because its got nothing to do with the decision concentrix made - What do I appeal and say I dont agree that you found nothing amis?
This is where I am confused I could understand if they said we believe it was fraudulent claim, I could appeal and show them what we paid that year. ARGH icant find anything else like this

Flappyhat Sat 01-Oct-16 11:08:09

They are an absolute joke. They have told me I am living with a bloke I have never heard of and so will stop my payments. I sent them all paperwork requested (tenancy agreement,1 year of bank statements,all bills etc) they say they never received it. They refuse to say why or how they think I am living with a man I don't know.
Sorry I know not relevant to your op but I am fuming/scared/pissed off.

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