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DON'T FORGET!! to look into other companies when your renewals are up!!

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suzietonbridge Thu 22-Sep-16 21:06:26

Hi Peeps.. i have just saved myself nearly £200 per month by switching to other suppliers. Very often insurance companies will have you over and hike your premiums up and renew automatically. I am talking about media as in TV. broadband and phone. Mobile phones. Electricity and gas. Home and contents ins and Motor ins etc. Do you really need your hone to be upgraded? if not then just go to the best sim only provider ie Tescos. I have decided that my Samsung Galaxy S5 is all I need re apps and camera, so will not be upgrading in Dec. I was very lacsidasical re renewing and have paid through the nose for many of my services. So, Mum's get your dates of renewals in yur diary and shop around. Yu will be surprised at how much a few pounds here and there mounts up over the year. You could save enough to take the kids away on hols!! Take care xxx

suzietonbridge Thu 22-Sep-16 21:13:58

ps is what I use for best quotes - xx

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