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Santon premier plus economy 7 best?

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user1474561388 Thu 22-Sep-16 17:33:02

I recently moved into a new rental property and it is an electricity only flat.
It is currently on economy 7 with SP. 14p during the day and just over 5p during the night.
The thing I am not sure about is if this is worth is for me. The flat has panel heaters (just 4) but they are not storage heaters so it's not as if they would be used/charging during the night, when I use them I would be paying for the more expensive rate. Also the tv and washing machine etc are only used during the day (it would be too noisy to be using the washing machine at night for the neighbours) so again that would be at the higher day rate.
Based on that I have asked to have a normal standard meter fitted but...
I just realised that my boiler is a Santon premier plus unvented hot water system and I think it is set to heat during the night. I'm not entirely sure how it works the landlord said she has set it to come on 5-8am and 5-8pm, I cant figure out how you can set more than one time and any instructions online I've looked at, look like it is programmed when installed to heat during the night (on economy 7)
Is it worth staying on economy 7 just so that the boiler heats at the cheaper rate and have heaters and everything else at a more expensive rate?
Is it even possible to set the timer on the boiler to anything other than the economy 7 rates?
Please help I feel totally lost with this have no idea what I am doing. I'm meant to be having a standard meter installed soon so need to figure out what to do.
Thanks so much for reading.

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