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Tax credits - holiday sports camp

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ChorizoGnocchiPinotGrigio Tue 20-Sep-16 15:00:58

Over 5 week period I used the holiday club (ofsted registered) run locally at one of the schools. Each week the number of days differed - dont know if that's relevant. As the TC usually asked I worked out the weekly average and notified them few weeks back.

I know they received my update as I got one of those extra payments that they send when recalculating upcoming credits. Mot a big amount. But the following normal day payment was very similar to the one that I get when not using (expensive!) holiday club. So basically they seem to disregard it?!

I will speak to them and I'm sure there us a letter coming but does anyone know why they would refuse the holiday club? It was longer than 4 weeks.

ChorizoGnocchiPinotGrigio Tue 20-Sep-16 17:13:30


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