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Overseas income, banking, savings and so on

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Bellatata89 Sun 18-Sep-16 04:25:54

Hi, I'll try and be brief.

I have just started working overseas, in Turkey. I will also be living in turkey for the next couple of years, however I will be returning to the uk every 3 months for a week and ideally I would like to keep myself registered on the electrol roll at my brothers house so it will be easier getting a mortgage when I return. Is this possible?

My salary, £50,000 ish, is being paid into my UK Natwest account. Will I get taxed in the UK on this for any reason? Is any of it taxable or tax free?

What savings accounts, isa's premium bonds can I get before I am taxed? Can I have multiple savings in different places or does it go on the amount I have saved altogether rather than individual savings accounts?

Thank you in advance, I'm getting so confused with it all!

specialsubject Sun 18-Sep-16 14:56:58

As an expat you cannot open any new isas or contribute more, although you can keep the ones you have. You may also find it hard to open other accounts.

Turkey has a double tax treaty with the uk so you only pay tax once. Why are you being paid in the uk?
You will also lose your right to use the nhs. Health insurance?

I think you still have the right to vote anyway.

Bellatata89 Sun 18-Sep-16 19:25:38

I have only been here on a months trail so I haven't notified anyone that I am out of the U.K. yet as I haven't signed a contract. Do I have to? As I will be returning to the uk frequently.

Can I get paid £50k a year and have it saved in my Natwest account without it being taxed?

specialsubject Sun 18-Sep-16 22:29:56

At the moment you are a uk resident so you pay uk tax. If you become an expat, you dont pay uk tax.

Have a look at

scaryteacher Thu 22-Sep-16 12:18:12

You can be an expat and pay UK tax - we do, on the rent received from our UK property, and income received from the UK, even though we are not resident in the UK.

Keep your bank account at your brother's address; lots of weird things going on in Turkey at the moment, best to have an account away from there that can't be frozen.

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