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Help! Struggling with house buying and multiple agents

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Noo888 Sat 17-Sep-16 18:09:22


Really hope someone can help me as the internet searches are drawing a blank.

We are desperate to move and have accepted a decent offer on our house with buyers who are keen to move quickly (before school application deadline).

We found a house some months back (total doer upper) but Brexit meant the chain collapsed so we came off the market for a bit to wait and see if it picked up.

That same house we initially wanted to buy is still for sale and now has been for some months with very little interest, according to the agent. The agent confirmed he was strongly considering an offer MUCH lower than ours a month or so ago. Prices in our area have dropped since Brexit so we went in with a lower offer than our original, which the vendor declined.

The problem is, we saw a this weekend, that the property has now been advertised with an additional agent. We want to offer more but now the vendor is saying that he has had a much higher offer via the new agent. The new agent isn't giving anything away but I suspect this can't be true as it's only been on with them today and most people who want to view it (we live in a small village) will have done so already.

I don't know what to do as I suspect the vendor is playing the agents against each other to drive us up to the original price - which we now will not pay as the house isn't worth it.

Has anyone experience of this? And how can you negotiate a purchase price if there are offers via multiple agents and neither can confirm what offers the other has received?

So confused!

Thank you x

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