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Carer's allowance, tax credits and self-employment.

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LovelyBath77 Fri 16-Sep-16 09:38:05

I wondered if anyone had any experience of this situation, and how it works.

In a family, if one person, the husband, is self-employed and the other partner is on PIP they should be able to claim carer's allowance if their income / profit is under £100 a week. How is this calculated, as self-employment is often variable. Is it based on this years accounts or last?

Also, how does this affect the tax credits claim? I know the carer's is counted as taxable income in the tax credits calculation, so possibly the tax credits would go down.

I'm not sure if it might just be a lot of hassle with little benefit. Tried to look into council tax support a year ago and that turned into a nightmare with them wanting to assess it week to week or something like that, so gave up.

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