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Child Tax Credits - HELP ME !!!!!!

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ALYP58 Thu 15-Sep-16 12:14:09

My first post here so patience please ! My 16 year old left school for sixth form College A Levels so advised HMRC of this in March 2016 . Had a tax credit award notice in August saying I had been overpaid so had only 66% payments then nothing at all from 19/08/16 !!
I am disabled on higher rate PIP/ESA so this has been stressful with phoning and online chatting for 3 weeks to no avail , with advisors telling me " its waiting for an update , ring back " its a technical problem, ring back " " I can't tell you anything at all about it its processing " !!!! , plus other stupid 'get off the line ' answers
I finally phoned this morning and spoke to a voice that actually seemed to care and once again went through the whole debacle , was put on hold while she looked into the matter further. She came back on and told me that she had spoken to a colleague who advised her to refer it for a manual payment as she was not able to do so herself and I asked her to refer this a complaint not against her but HMRC as I have phoned and online chatted every day for 3 weeks , which she apologised for on their behalf and promised to do so . So why do I feel uneasy that nothing will be done again ?

ALYP58 Thu 15-Sep-16 12:17:45

I should have also said that I have no idea what I have received as an overpayment as none of my circumstances have changed in past 2 years until my daughter went to college this term

dawnz Fri 16-Sep-16 22:50:22

If your child (age 16-19) is in approved education, then your tax credits should not be affected! The govt site stipulates "approved education" as:

Full-time (more than an average of 12 hours a week supervised study or course-related work experience) and can include ~
A levels or similar - eg Pre-U, International Baccalaureate
Scottish Highers
NVQs and other vocational qualifications up to level 3
home education - if started before your child turned 16
traineeships in England
Courses are not approved if paid for by an employer or ‘advanced’, eg a university degree or BTEC Higher National Certificate.


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