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Good deposit but very low

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lamii Sun 11-Sep-16 14:21:47

Hi all, I need your expertise:

We would like to buy a 400K house zone 3. I am an artist, I have very irregular income. My fiance is an artist but he has had a normal job 10 years ago and he can provide 65% of the amount of the house. We lived 8years in London, we are abroad now and wish to come back.

If I manage to get a low income job, do you think we have a chance to get a mortgage? How long should I work?

Thanks for your help!

titchy Sun 11-Sep-16 15:15:20

You have a deposit of £270,000 yes? So need a mortgage of £130,000?

If so you'd need a salary of around £35,000 and have a permanent job for 6 months plus. Assuming you have at least 25 years till retirement. If you're 50 or older you'd need a bigger salary.

All very ball park and a broker will probably be able to get you more with less.

Bambooshoots14 Sun 11-Sep-16 15:28:14

Usually you can borrow about 4 times joint salary

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