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spousal maintenance

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racol4k Thu 08-Sep-16 11:11:50

I have been sent what looks like divorce papers printed off internet by my husband.
I would like to know how I can pay a solicitor, when since he left I am struggling to live. I need to know if I am entitled to anything from him. We have no assets, his lack of dealing with financial matters, lost us the house my father gave me £50k deposit for. We had lived together about 24 years and married for 16 of those. I have 3 adult children at home still, only one of them working. My eldest so has slight learning difficulties and I can't ever see him leaving home.
My husband has continued to pay rent apart from 2 months he decided not to. I have a low paid care job, with no contract. he is a plumbing & heating engineer, I believe earning about £2k per week.
I spent most of my working life bringing up the children, (eldest 29) although I took on the odd part time job throughout this time.
Where do I go from here, I need to find a way to be able to ensure I get some help or we will not be able to afford to pay the rent.

Babyroobs Thu 08-Sep-16 12:39:48

I'm not sure whether spousal maintainence still exists but you need to make sure you are claiming what benefits you can. If you are working 30hours or more in a low paid job you may be able to get topped up with working tax credits. You may also be entitled to some help with your rent dependning on your wage and how much your rent is.
Also check your child with learning difficulties is getting the benefits he is entitled to if he is unable to work. He may be able to get PIP but it would depend on his disabilities . Your first call could be CAB,. They will be able to assist you with doing a benefit check. Hope things improve for you soon.

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