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Santander are just shit.

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kissmethere Mon 05-Sep-16 16:54:16

Called this morning re overdraft charges, was going to plead a reverse on charges (long shot) as we have £0 to live on at the moment til next pay day. Was told to call back to be put through to financial support. Did that, on hold for 45 minutes, then told someone will call me back tomorrow. Never had good service from them ever! Online banking details not arrived, new card set to branch when was expected at home address, long queues, staff talking about customers within earshot and much more over the years. I wish I could just pay off my overdraft and shit the fucking account downangry scuse language.

Rockchick1984 Mon 05-Sep-16 23:33:13

Open an account elsewhere and transfer enough money each month to cover overdraft charges and extra to start repaying the overdraft.

Are the charges from going over your limit, or just the interest payments on it? Overdraft interest tends to be very high so looking at a personal loan to repay it may be a good idea. If the charges are from going over your limit though, that will affect your credit score and make a loan more difficult.

Ninasimoneinthemorning Mon 05-Sep-16 23:35:20

Absolutly agree!

We have a buisness account with them and they are forever ballsing our account up. Friday evening and payments need paying and the fucking account is locked - makes me want to kick the PC in. Really need to change with faff is a ball ache angry

wowowowow Mon 05-Sep-16 23:37:24

Santander have always been shit. It would take me a long time to tell you all about their crap service and idiotic staff that I've had to deal with.

kissmethere Tue 06-Sep-16 20:51:53

An update. They did call me back today and the financial support team were very helpful confused.
However I do still want to leave them behind. I did get some charges refunded and next month as well to stop the cycle. I've been disorganised and crap basically. I can't fault the lady I spoke to but I really can't be with them any more.

Ninasimoneinthemorning Tue 06-Sep-16 20:53:42

Did you not push for compensation?

kissmethere Tue 06-Sep-16 21:24:11

No it wasn't that kind of issue. I was seething yesterday and my main reason of calling was to sort overdraft charges, which got sorted.
Still don't rate them overall.

ivykaty44 Tue 06-Sep-16 23:19:22

M&S bank are very efficient so far.

delilahbucket Thu 08-Sep-16 16:16:12

On the flip side, I've been with Santander for six years without a single hitch. To be fair, by your own admission you've been "disorganised and crap". You won't get an overdraft elsewhere if you've been incurring charges. Depending on how often you've done it, you may find you can only get a basic account elsewhere. You need to check your credit file.

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