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Credit scores

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Confusedsquared Fri 02-Sep-16 23:03:33

I looked at my credit report today and discovered it was poor. I have no idea why, in terms of credit repayments all is on time, nothing is other than green.
There are no weird searches or no links to anyone odd.
There seems to be a problem with my electoral roll status at my last address, we moved from there a year ago, but that's not true as I voted in the 2015 general election.

Does anyone have any advice ?

Thanks for your help.

anyname123 Sat 03-Sep-16 12:53:49

If you go to Clearscore the dashboard on there acruelly tells you what is going in your favour and what is against you. And it's free, definitely worth a go

Confusedsquared Sat 03-Sep-16 17:29:04

Thank you, anyname.

I tried to get into that and I have managed to get myself blocked, I must have answered a question wrong.

I'll try again on Tuesday, it says give it 72 hours

feekerry Sat 03-Sep-16 19:53:02

I really wouldn't worry much about the 'score' it's just something these companies do to make it more commercial... To match your score with products etc that pop up on screen. Lenders etc don't see a score. Means nothing to them. They are only interested in your credit history. How you have managed things. So as long as the data is correct and you have checked there are no missing/late payments and checked the codes etc for how companies are reporting your data I wouldn't get to het up about the score

Confusedsquared Sat 03-Sep-16 23:07:22

Thanks feekerry, I'm not overly worried per se, it's just I ordered furniture from a high end place where I have an account ( don't want ti say who) 2 months ago , order placed and accepted , and now it's due for delivery they've reduced my credit limit on account of information from equi fax ( or whatever it's called). Meaning I guess they're not going to deliver now.
I can pay enough, so it's not a problem but it just promted me to look at the credit file. It makes no sense, all is green apart from the electoral roll stuff, and I've been on the electoral roll all the time.
I'm just a bit confused tbh.

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