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Child maintenance from father living abroad

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kidshealth Thu 01-Sep-16 23:51:25

Hi. Would any one with experience or legal training be able to help me.
My ex husband has recently moved to India to take on an extremely well-paid job, leaving me to raise our children on my own.
He has always paid child maintenance and it has always been, in my mind a fair proportion of his salary, especially considering he was always around to have them for overnight stays and to buy them the occasional treat.
Now he has gone, and I am on my own, his salary has tripled but he sees no reason to pay me any more money for the children. I manage financially because I work as much as I can, in between all the childcare. However, it is really difficult seeing him spend extraordinary amounts of money on fancy holidays and his new girlfriend and not giving to me or his children. I have asked him for more money and he went berserk. I am hurt and cross.
What do people think I should do?

Muddle2000 Fri 02-Sep-16 14:43:31

i find it appalling he is unwilling to help now.
The CMS has no jurisdiction overseas but you can pursue via the Courts
which entails seeing a solicitor in the first place.
I wonder about India though.
I have a friend who gets CM from her exDH living in Belgium.
Belgium has a CM system so he has to pay but does India?
Actually contacting a sols who specialises in International Law
may be a good first step

LIZS Fri 02-Sep-16 14:52:28

Do you mean he now isn't paying at all or hasn't increased payments even though his salary has risen?

kidshealth Sat 03-Sep-16 00:12:30

He's not paying me any more money lizs. Having to do far more for them because he's not here to help means I can't earn a decent wage. Like I say he's spending it all on his new girlfriend and exotic holidays and me and the kids are struggling tbh.

kidshealth Sat 03-Sep-16 00:18:26

Sorry, that last post of mine wasn't clear. He's still paying the same amount that he was when he was earning a modest income in the Uk. The difference then was he used to help out with childcare etc. I understand that for 2 children, the absent parent is supposed to contribute 20% of their salary. I get more like 5% now.

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