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Concentrix help no money of tax credits

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Sjones91 Wed 24-Aug-16 12:12:31

Hiya everyone can someone anyone help me please I recieved a letter two days ago from concentrix sayin I didn't reply to a letter bk in May 16 which I really didn't receive so today I checked my online banking no payment of child tax credits I have a 5 month old baby and a 3 year old a I'm living with my Mam. my brother used to live here and now is in British army he moved owt and got his own property. Which left me and my Mam and two girls in house he still gets letters as he is away. I dnt pay anything appart frm lodge to my Mam and wen spoke to concentrix they said they wanted bank statements 12 months worth but read here not to send them as this dnt prove anything really... Am totally lost wot am ment to do and the guy a spoke to was really not helpful and basically told me it's not his problem I dnt have anymoney for my kids 😢 Can anyone help me please much appreciated ps dus this affect my income support aswell??

Babyroobs Wed 24-Aug-16 15:28:40

Presumably you still have income support coming in and child benefit which together will amount to £100 ish a week so it's not as though you have nothng coming in . You need to send them the evidence that they are asking for asap then hopefully it will be sorted and money backdated. Can your mum wait a while for her lodgings money until things are sorted? Does your brother still have mail coming to your mum's home or have anything registered there? If so he needs to change it to his new address asap.

Sjones91 Wed 24-Aug-16 20:19:07

With my brother been in army he won't no wot mail he has that's why he left some mail in my mams address its so stressfull especially having two kids 😢

AndNowItsSeven Wed 24-Aug-16 20:24:02

No your brother doesn't need to change his address, that won't affect anything just send proof he is your brother.

Babyroobs Wed 24-Aug-16 21:41:51

If your brother has moved out to his own property as you say he has then he should have his mail directed there.

Babyroobs Wed 24-Aug-16 21:45:08

Sorry just seen your last post about him needing to access his mail whilst away. Has he taken hmself offthe electoral roll at your mum's address?

AndNowItsSeven Wed 24-Aug-16 21:49:35

Her brother is in the forced his mums address is his address.

AndNowItsSeven Wed 24-Aug-16 21:49:43


Sjones91 Wed 24-Aug-16 21:55:01

Thanks everyone they asked me tho for 12 months bank statements whys this as it doesn't prove Kieron is my brother would anyone say this is strange

AndNowItsSeven Wed 24-Aug-16 22:05:05

No it's normal .

Sjones91 Thu 25-Aug-16 07:45:49

Thanks everyone am so worried about all this even tho I'm doin nothing wrong xx

AndNowItsSeven Thu 25-Aug-16 12:44:32

I can't link, but there are longstanding threads re concentrix if you search. It's not personal they are doing the same to thousands of people, it's appalling really.

Sjones91 Thu 25-Aug-16 16:48:46

I'm more worried that it's my children's money that they stopped its like they r taken food out my children's mouths x

Babyroobs Thu 25-Aug-16 17:10:24

Seven - Op states that her brother has his own property .I can understand that he might need mail going to his mums so that someone can access it if he is posted away.

JigglypuffsCaptor Thu 25-Aug-16 18:02:36

Is your brother living on camp? OP in a room in a block?

If he is, I don't blame him for not changing his postal address, post rooms on camp are shocking! Anyway...

Yes send 12mo the bank statements as requested, if they ask for proof of the male, you send photocopies of passports and birth certificates that show you are siblings.

Sjones91 Thu 25-Aug-16 20:45:06

He's jst in blocks so that's why his address is still at my mams am totally fed up sad does anyone no how long this process takes please ?

JigglypuffsCaptor Thu 25-Aug-16 22:15:06

The quicker you give them what they have asked for the better really, what are they investigating you for all together? Childcare costs? Suspected partner?

Sjones91 Fri 26-Aug-16 07:32:57

You no wot wen I rang they Neva really explained it was more he mentioned a partner but only man who comes here is my brother lol smile rediculous of you ask me... So they have that wrong

Nikola11 Sat 17-Sep-16 21:22:42

Mine tax credits were stopped on the 4th August after they investigated my working hours. I sent in all information requested and they agreed to reinstate the claim on the 24th August. After so many phones calls and being on hold for an hour each time, still no payment and all concentrix keep telling me is that hmrc have it in their back office to process. After many more calls to hmrc, they insist there is no record of it and concentrix have not updated their system. I am being fobbed off! My phone bill will be astronomical. I have had to pay all my bills and food shopping on my credit card which is accruing interest daily. I am overdrawn, can't afford petrol to get to work and basically penniless. They don't seem to care I am a single parent with young children to feed and keep a roof over their heads. I am furious at the lack of support and consideration for all us ladies suffering because of their mess up.I have now logged a complaint with Hmrc and they assure me they will sort it by October 7th..not holding my breath :-( contacted citizens advice and they can't help me because I am self employed and not on benefits. The stress of all this making me ill. I really am at my wits end.

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