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Tax credits

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Amya2204 Tue 23-Aug-16 17:00:18

I'm having real problems with tax credits 😣😣
My payments stopped recently, when I rang and spoke to hmrc I got referred to concentrix as they were looking at my childcare invoices. They told me they had not received my end of year wage amount which I had completed online but apparently had not reached their system??? Anyway I gave them the details and they said they would look at putting a restore on payments.

Just rang them again as this is my third week with no money!! At first they couldn't find me on the system and cut me off. Spoke to someone else and they said a restore can take 6 weeks 😢😢😢
Does anyone know where I stand with requesting an emergency payment or anything, speaking to someone higher to get something done or what do I do???

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