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Credit report fix

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Chocolate1985 Sun 21-Aug-16 15:03:45

I just checked my credit report and there is a current default against Lloyds . I took a loan with them when I was young and stupid in 2008 and got a Trust Deer which is a Scottish debt plan where you pay a fixed amount each month and it goes to your creditors . I successfully completed this in 2012. I'm horrified this thing is still on as a default as it should not be on there given its more than 6 years ago and also any other debt which was included in the Trust Deed isn't on there . How do I get this sorted ?
Bizarrely there's also addresses on there which definitely aren't addresses I have lived at and this worries me as I live in private rented accommodation and now worry a new tenant in previous house has tried to use my identity . Any help welcome

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