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Interviewing for new job before pregnant, now what?

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Hayls17 Mon 15-Aug-16 13:17:08

Guys, I have a dilemma, I'm not sure if any of you guys can help or point me in the direction of another thread. I've been in my current job 14 months and have been interviewing for a new job before I found out I was expecting. I'm going to be a first time mum so the financial side is all new to me. I've done the maternity pay calculator on the .gov website but wondered if you guys could clarify it for me. My understanding is that whether I stay or leave my current job, I will get up to 52 weeks at £139 a week regardless. If I stay in my current job I will get the first 6 weeks paid 90 percent of earnings, where as in a new job I would start straight away on £139. Is this correct?

AlbusPercival Mon 15-Aug-16 13:21:33

Im fairly certain you only get the £139 for 40 weeks, but dont have to return to work untill 52 weeks.

Starman16 Mon 15-Aug-16 13:32:11

As PP says you get 40 weeks SMP but can take up to 52 weeks leave (i.e last 12 weeks would be unpaid) but otherwise you are correct. Check your current employers maternity policy though, as some have more generous benefits (for example my employer pays full salary at the beginning by topping up the 90% SMP)

Hayls17 Mon 15-Aug-16 13:44:13

That's great, thank you everyone smile I'm sure I would return to work after 26 weeks anyway I wouldn't be able to afford any more off. I'm in 2 minds what to do, on one hand I hate my job! But on the other hand I don't want the be overly stressed learning a new job. Has anyone had any experience of this?

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