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Free childcare for 2 year olds

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michelle388 Sun 14-Aug-16 16:13:33

My dd currently attends nursery whilst i go to work, she has just turned 2. Someone recently mentioned that i might be entitle to 15 hours free childcare a week. Does anyone know what the criteria is? Ive had a look on line and cant see much about it
Thanks smile

BikeRunSki Sun 14-Aug-16 16:16:38

[[ Scroll down to the header called "Eligibility for 2 year olds".

AndNowItsSeven Sun 14-Aug-16 16:19:35

Child in receipt of dla or income under approx £16k

michelle388 Sun 14-Aug-16 16:20:45

Andnow, my income is just below £16000 and i do receive some child tax credit but thats, will i be eligible do you know

michelle388 Sun 14-Aug-16 16:21:08

Thanks for the link bike, ill have a read through

AndNowItsSeven Sun 14-Aug-16 16:32:31

The cut off is £16,190 , they use the figure that is down as your annual income on your tax credit annual review.
Any income from tax credits is not counted.

AndNowItsSeven Sun 14-Aug-16 16:35:09

So yes you will be eligeable , most people revive s letter automatically just before the term after your child's second birthday. So for your dd it will be from week beginning September 5th and it's for 38 weeks a year ( can be averaged over 52 weeks) .
In my nursery two year olds have £53 a week deducted from fees ( for 38 weeks) and three year olds £35 a week.

michelle388 Sun 14-Aug-16 16:43:41

Thanks - thats great. Ive not received a letter yet so will give them a call in the next couple of weeks

michelle388 Thu 18-Aug-16 09:48:33

Andnowitsseven, do you know, do all
Nurseries accept this funding or can they decline it?
Many thanks

smileyhappypeople Thu 18-Aug-16 10:10:17

Google your local authority families information service number and they will give you all the info and the forms to fill in etc. Most nurseries will take it but I don't think they have to.
If you speak to your nursery they will probably be able to help you apply too.
If you earn just less than the 16k I'm assuming you don't have a partner because if you do they will also take in to account their wage so you won't be entitled

michelle388 Thu 18-Aug-16 11:58:46

Thanks smiley, i applied on line and it gave me a form to print off and give to nursery, but someone mentioned that the nursery might not accept it

Bubblebloodypop Tue 23-Aug-16 15:33:38

I believe the nursery has to have a good or outstanding ofsted to accept the 2 year funding.

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