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Tax credits and marriage

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Hunnybunn Wed 10-Aug-16 23:37:16

Hope someone can help I married my partner of 20 years 2 days ago and am now panicking about name change! I know I will have to contact tax credits and tell them even though we have been claiming as a couple for years it shouldn't make any difference or mess things up now we are married wil it? Also do I do that first or contact national insurance or passport or something else that's more important? Also do I have to contact tax credits within 30 days? Getting myself in a right old state here!

annielostit Thu 11-Aug-16 07:03:35

Stop panicking. congratulations.
Phone the TC/ NI people tell them you got married. That's it.
Passport will need to reapply & pay for a new one. I used mine for 2 years in my maiden name before I got it changed. Make sure you book trips in the name on your passport.

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