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What can I do?

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beenafool Sun 07-Aug-16 12:44:08

As my nn suggests I have indeed been a fool.

Second marriage now. Was left with a load of debt my first H with who I have 2 DC, no DC with current DH.
When I got together with second H and things got serious I sold my (joint) house with ex H and paid off a load of the debt and moved in with DH.

Before we got married DH bought a house and we moved in.
Then we got married. A few years ago I started working at his family firm. For tax allowance reasons I am on a very low wage.

My name is not on deeds or mortgage as I had a terrible credit rating due to previous debt and had defaults. These will be off my record in 2 years.

I have asked repeatedly to go on deeds or mortgage as I have no security. DH says that because of my credit rating this wasn't possible before and always says we will sort it but nothing ever happens.

He says because we are married if he dies the house will automatically be mine but he bought it just before we got married so technically I don't think that's right.

It causes lots of problems because I feel very aware that I have no security at all. My IL don't like me and I feel that if DH died they would kick me out.

I stand to inherit a fair bit one day and it is assumed that that will go into the pot. DH also has wealthy parents and has told them to put their house etc into DSS name. So it seems to me that 'what's mine is ours and what's his is his'.

It's causing massive rows every time we try and talk about it because DH can't see what I am concerned about and every time we try and discuss it he says I am being grabby and after everything he has done for us (me and my DC) I am being disgusting and greedy.

Where do I stand at all?

annielostit Tue 09-Aug-16 09:10:48

Intestacy - who inherits if someone dies without a will? - GOV.UK › inherits-someone-d...

Have a look here, you should get what is legally yours.
Irt not being on the deeds or mortgage. I wasn't included in our mortgage application (I already had a mortgage) but am on both. We weren't married at the time.
As for putting gp house in DSS name, it's more likely to be inheritance tax issue, family firm etc.
Try not mentioning it for a while, research your legal position and enjoy what you have now not worry about what you think your not getting.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Tue 09-Aug-16 09:23:03

Are you in England? You may stand to inherit under English intestacy laws, but in Scotlandyour step children would be entitled to a third of their father's estate if he died intestate.

You in laws should never be in a position to chuck you out, if anything happens to dh you and his dc are his next of kin, not them.

I wouldn't be happy with your H though. You have put money into the house, you should be on the deeds. You don't have to be on the mortgage, but your money is in the house so your name should be on it.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Tue 09-Aug-16 09:24:40

Oh, and if you stand to inherit a fair bit - put it in trust for your own dc.

Do not pay another penny into your home while you are not on the deeds.

Bearbehind Tue 09-Aug-16 11:55:14

I can see why you are concerned but if you still have defaults etc on your credit file and earn a low salary it's more than likely not possible to put you on the mortgage.

coffee you can't be on the deeds if you aren't on the mortgage.

You could get a will drawn up making it clear how things get divided up but that doesn't protect you if you split up.

Your best bet would be speaking to a financial advisor who can look at the specifics of your situation and what is and isn't possible.

Unfortunately, having a poor credit history takes a long time to recover from.

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