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Maternity pay

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MrsNinjaCakes Tue 02-Aug-16 17:13:26

Sorry if this has been brought up before.
I am a teacher. My daughter was due last September, but due to many complications, she was born in July. I missed the last 3 weeks of school. My maternity pay obviously started in July and Im due back, full time in September.
I've had my 10 keeping in touch days, for which I will be paid for the last few in August. However, am I not entitled to August pay? Im a little confused over this, as I can't seem to get a straight answer from anywhere, including the union.

JellyBelly89 Tue 02-Aug-16 19:58:04

Can't give you a definitive answer, but my SIL started mat leave in August and had to go back for the last couple of weeks of July in order to get paid for August, or so her school told her so it's what she did.

montymum Wed 03-Aug-16 07:24:57

What is your official return to work date? I think it needed to be July to get your August pay. I returned for the summer term but my official return to work date was t he last day of spring term so I was paid for the easter holiday.

Mummyme87 Wed 03-Aug-16 17:17:09

If you went on may leave in July I would suspect you ha do go back to work in July to get paid for August

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