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Any clever bods able to answer a tax question?

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MissClarke86 Thu 28-Jul-16 17:16:30

Hi all, very grateful for anybody who can help.

My OH started a new job a couple of months ago. His previous tax code was 1050L.

When he moved to new job, his first pay packet was emergency taxed (BR) because his previous employers took ages to sort the P45 out.

Somewhere in the middle of this, he received a new tax code through the post - 510L. Didn't think anything of it,was just pleased it wasn't BR.

He had his second months pay today and it is again a few hundred short of what we were expecting. We haven't actually seen his pay cheque on paper to see the tax code yet and his pay roll guy is in holiday.

Am I right in thinking that the 510L code is wrong and we need to contact HMRC? It really annoys me that this process isn't smooth. People change jobs all the time and we should t be out of pocket for it.

NewlyNamedMe Thu 28-Jul-16 17:18:40

If you OH rings HMRC they will tell him over the phone what his tax code should be. Then ask them to send to the company.

Tiggeryoubastard Thu 28-Jul-16 17:20:06

Does he get other benefits from this new job? Ie car, private medical insurance, etc?

Tiggeryoubastard Thu 28-Jul-16 17:20:51

And it wouldn't be a 'pay cheque', it's a pay slip that has the details on.

NewlyNamedMe Thu 28-Jul-16 17:21:10

Also, he could have given them a p46 if his employer was delaying the p45. Just for next time

trilbydoll Thu 28-Jul-16 17:21:53

510L means his personal allowance is around half what it should be. If he's got benefits of £5k a year (company car, medical insurance etc) then 510L is about right. If not, he needs it updating by HMRC.

The employer can't do anything without a tax code notification from HMRC.

MissClarke86 Thu 28-Jul-16 17:24:26

He gets no extra benefits so it's definitely wrong then. Thanks all.

leccybill Thu 28-Jul-16 17:25:27

I've found HMRC to be very helpful on the phone, worth giving them a call.

I work for two agencies and I needed to split my tax code and see if I was entitled to a rebate from my previous job. It was all sorted on the phone in a matter of minutes.

MissClarke86 Thu 28-Jul-16 17:36:36

Thanks, I'll get him to do that.

What's baffled me is that by looking at an online pay calculator, his pay is a couple of hundred less than it says it should be not just with his old tax code, the 510 tax code but also when using BR. Makes me wonder if they've actually input his pay incorrectly? Need to wait until we see the pay cheque to know really.

MissClarke86 Thu 28-Jul-16 17:37:03

Sorry..."pay slip". You know what I mean anyway, it's just habit.

FinallyHere Thu 28-Jul-16 17:51:46

Another tip is to phone the hmrc people first thing, right as soon as they open. Ive always got straight through to them. They have extended opening hours but later in the day, they get much busier.

Hope you get it sorted.

SheDoneAlreadyDoneHadHerses Thu 28-Jul-16 23:36:24


Check the week 1/month 1 status on the payslip - that can make a difference to the calculation, as can the year to date values on the slip showing 510L.

Check these against his last payslip/p45 and speak to HMRC. The way that RTI (Real Time Information) is set up, he should see a reduction in his tax moving forward, maybe a refund depending on the amount taken.

I would say though, taking RTI into consideration, get him to confirm with his payroll dept how they receive changes. They'll receive them either via post - ask HMRC to send again -, electronically directly to their HMRC dashboard to download and implement - get them to check -, or electronically to their payroll bureau/supplier - again, get them to check.

panegyricS1 Thu 28-Jul-16 23:52:21

He can access his PAYE record and look at his code + how it's made up here:

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