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Childcare voucher question

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ANiceSliceOfCake Thu 28-Jul-16 07:35:22

Please can someone help me with this.

My work do the scheme so I pay the full £243 from my wages into the scheme each month. My husbands company doesn't do the scheme.

We earn pretty much the same so just split stuff 50/50 and have a joint account for bills, nursery etc.

So, to keep things fair between us how much extra should my husband pay towards the nursery? Is it £243 as that's what comes out of my account?

Or is it £173 as I save the tax on it which is £70?


Lovelyname Thu 28-Jul-16 07:52:05

Hi, im pretty sure the saving is £173 so i think thats what your husband would have to pay extra x

Nospringflower Thu 28-Jul-16 08:19:07

How much difference in your pay is there? That's what your husband should pay I think so £173.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 28-Jul-16 14:20:05

No the saving isn't £173. The saving is the tax (and NI) you'd normally pay on £243 which is the £70.

The £243 comes out of your salary before tax and NI, so out of your gross figure. As you're not paying £70 worth of tax and NI, you're only actually losing £173 from your salary - your net take home pay will be £173 less that you were getting previously.

So if your H needs to "match" whatever you pay, then he needs to pay £173 towards the nursery (presumably with the rest of the fees being split equally between you).

Lovelyname Thu 28-Jul-16 14:49:08

If the saving isn't £173 then why is that what her husband should pay to match?

alltouchedout Thu 28-Jul-16 14:53:17

Her husband doesn't need to match the saving, Lovelyname, he needs to match the cost. She saves X amount in tax and loses Y amount from her pay to cover the vouchers. He needs to pay in Y amount.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 28-Jul-16 14:53:45

She's saying her and her husband split everything 50/50.

She is "losing" £173 out of her take home pay because she is paying for the nursery vouchers. She is therefore contributing £173 to nursery fees.

If the OP wants her husband to pay exactly the same as she does, he should also pay £173 towards the fees.

Lovelyname Thu 28-Jul-16 15:14:24

Ah right i get it now - sorry

ANiceSliceOfCake Thu 28-Jul-16 17:08:53

Thanks, I thought it was £173 but wasn't sure. And yes, we both pay the same into the joint account each month to cover the bills and what's rest is 'ours' so to speak. As we earn pretty much the same it's a fair way to do it for us so we still have joint money and also our money.

He will be pleased as I asked him to pay £243 whoops!

Thank you everyone.

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