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Tax credit renewal.... no p60!

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Maxfell2008 Wed 27-Jul-16 15:01:44

Right. So backstory quick.

Haven't claimed any money from HMRC since 17 th august 2015, as income was too high and they were planning on paying us £3.40 per week. I told them to keep it.

My partner had changed his job hence why i rang on that date and updated.

So since then no monies have come to either of us.

Obviously have got the renewal pack in the post for us to fill and send off...

But my partners employer hadn't gave him his p60, the company accountant is away till mid august, and to add insult to injury my partner changed his bank in early June!

He has tried re entering his bank account to check statements, and it will not let him. It just states it's closed.

So really, i guess unless he can find April wage slips, we are pretty much screwed!

Does anyone know what 'week' in the tax year is the date to show income for that tax year?

That would be a great help.

Conscious too, as we have 2 days of the working week left.....

Any help or guidance....

Ta x

WheresLarry Wed 27-Jul-16 17:09:21

It would be his March payslip that you require, or if he is paid weekly his last weekly payslip dated on or before 5th April, the end of the tax year.

panegyricS1 Thu 28-Jul-16 23:54:17

Week 52.

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