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Help, what would you do?

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Kosullivan Mon 25-Jul-16 14:55:22

Ok so my other half is in full time work. We receive working/child tax credits at the moment. I'm studying in October.
Money is really tight at the moment, I'm a bit stuck with what to do. If I take a full time job we'll have to pay for childcare, if I take a part time job we still have to pay for childcare in the summer and we'll lose all of our tax credits, the chances of me getting a good job are small as I only have A-Levels and I've been out of work for some time. It will also make studying really difficult. Do I suck it up and cope for 3 years til I get my degree or is there another option? Help!

Babyroobs Mon 25-Jul-16 19:14:22

Is it possible to work around your partner's hours so that you don't have any childcare costs? if he works regular hours then you could get evening/ weekend or night work. You would still lose tax credits but hopefully it would still be worth working.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 25-Jul-16 19:17:12

Can you afford to not work while you study? Not everyone can.

Do you know what kind of work you'd be looking for? As a PP suggested, it might be worth looking for something with different hours to DP to cut down on childcare costs.

Kosullivan Mon 25-Jul-16 19:32:59

Babyroobs I'm looking at those hours at the moment but not finding anything where it's just evenings with no shift pattern and enough hours. I think living in a village doesn't help! Thank you smile

Santaslittlemonkeybutler I can just about afford not to work while I study. Honestly, I'll do any job, I'm not fussy at all. Thanks smile

Just had a little (potentially) good news, DH has got an interview for a better paying job! Fingers crossed.

everythingsgoingsouth Wed 27-Jul-16 18:45:52

will you have to pay for childcare whilst you are at uni during the day? or is it home study?

Gooseygoosey12345 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:07:49

It's home study. Distance learning through the open university

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