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Letter from concentrix

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Cherylliam86 Sun 24-Jul-16 09:47:35

Hi everyone, just wanted to share this concentrix story of mine so far as I notice all the other info is quite old and not really answered properly. Well while I was living alone with two kids(one being disabled) I recieved a letter from concentrix (April 2016) stating that I have another partner living with me and need 12 months bank statements, utility bills for 12 months, rental agreement, council tax etc. I posted all this to them at quite a big expense to myself(£29) inc getting statements from bank and post office charges. I was livid to say the least. This was all to prove that everything was in my name only and no partner was living with me.
So to complicate things I've now given up my private let and moved in with my bf, so I called and cancelled my income support and child tax credits.
I don't work I am carer for my boy, my bf works so we would now need to claim ctc and wtc jointly.
So I had my single claim cancelled and made joint claim, as of today 24th July 16 I've not heard back from concentrix but below is a timescale of what has been done so far
- April recieved concentrix letter
- 17th may sent concentrix my documents
- moved in with partner on 3rd July 16
- single claim last payment 4th July 16
- recieved joint claim form 9th July
- posted joint form 10th July
- got text on 19th July from Hmrc form recieved
- got backdated payment 23rd July
- got my docs back from concentrix 23rd July
- expecting weekly payments to start 26th July

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