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On benefits - relative paying bill

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Lagirafe Mon 18-Jul-16 21:49:53

I'm a single parent to 4 on benefits (for now).

My mum would like to pay for broadband so my eldest can use the Internet for homework as it's becoming a bit of an issue as school use an online maths platform thing for homework and it doesn't work on my phone.

Does anyone know if it's ok for a relative to pay a bill for me or if this is seen as someone else supporting me and therefore I could get into trouble?

The DD would come out of my account and she would probably pay cash in every month (£22.40).

CrazyDuchess Mon 18-Jul-16 21:53:01

if she pays the BB company direct then its fine.

if she pays into your account you may need a statement from her to say its for BB only.

TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Mon 18-Jul-16 21:56:34

Tax credits and Concentrix won't like it.
It will start a compliance check... That will lead to them demanding 12 months bank statements, utility bills etc. If the account is in her name
Is there anyway of avoiding? Can you have the account in your name ?
A recurring payment into your account you would need to explain. I'm sure your explanation would be OK, but it is a shed load of grief

TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Mon 18-Jul-16 22:01:50

Sorry if that made no sense
If the account is in your name. It won't trigger the compliance check as I think they use credit reference agencies to see different names register at a single parents address to send their fishing letter.
It's then that they demand the statements and all copies of bills ( BB/phone is specifically one they ask for)

I can't see the problem if it's in your name and she gives you the cash

Lagirafe Mon 18-Jul-16 22:09:58

The account would be in my name but she would pay money into my account to cover the direct debit if that makes sense.
I'm on a pretty tight budget and can't really commit to another £20/month at the moment.
Can't handle Concentrix though! I think I'd have a nervous breakdown!!!!

OliviaBenson Mon 18-Jul-16 22:16:47

Can't she just set it up and do a direct debit from her account? Companies don't care where the money comes from as long as it's paid.

Lagirafe Mon 18-Jul-16 22:21:28

Maybe I could set it up in my name and then change the bank details for the DD....

expatinscotland Mon 18-Jul-16 22:23:37

Set up the DD in your name and just have her give you the cash. Use it to buy food or leccy or something.

imwithspud Mon 18-Jul-16 22:36:06

If the broadband is in your name and your DM is giving you the money in cash, then I don't see how they'd ever know unless you told them and to be honest (and I may get flamed here) telling them about such a small amount of cash would probably cause more hassle than it's worth what with concentrix etc.

We get a small amount of tax credits and very occasionally get given money by generous family members. In the past my DM has paid for our food shopping if we happen to be at a supermarket together. Not because we are struggling but because she wants to and won't take no for an answer. It never occurred to me that this would be frowned upon nor did it occur to me that it would be something I'd need to inform them about as like I said it's more trouble than it's worth and why shouldn't close family be allowed to give small amounts of cash if they want to?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 18-Jul-16 22:38:17

Put her bank details for the DD so it doesn't enter your account. You'll be fine that way and the broadband company won't care what account pays them.

facebookrecruit Mon 18-Jul-16 22:39:26

Let the direct debit come from your mums account - they will just want a signed direct debit mandate from your mum

TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Tue 19-Jul-16 11:01:53

As long as Concentrix don't send you their fishing compliance letter for any other reason, the account in your name and DD from her account would be OK.

If they sent you one - and they are sending them to a LOT of people for all sorts of spurious reasons, and the money isn't going out of your account - and yes, they check- then you will have to explain it and I don't know the black and white answer if that's ok or not. Specifically Concentrix and HMRC state that you must be financially independent. DWP rules for income support or other means tested benefits do not have the same criteria

Personally, after just having been through the mill with Concentrix ( they stopped my tax credits even when I did pay my own bills, and could prove my ex didn't live here) I wouldn't risk it. In my case it was simply he hadn't changed any of his financial accounts addresses. My tax credits were reinstated but the stress was not worth it

Take the cash and spend it on food or whatever and keep the account in your name

Lurkedforever1 Tue 19-Jul-16 11:14:35

Really it shouldn't matter if she pays it, but someone, somewhere, will see it as income, and it will cause you grief. Pay your broadband yourself, by dd or some other traceable source. And if your mum just happens to randomly lend you money each month, or give you unpredictable cash gifts, then nobody need know, and if they do it won't matter.

Lagirafe Tue 19-Jul-16 14:35:34

Thank you everyone!

I just can't risk the stress of being investigated so like many of you have said I will just pay it from my account and get my mum to subsidise food or something else to make up for it.

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