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Sunnyboo46 Wed 13-Jul-16 18:04:44

I'm new to this but really need some advice.
Thought my own stupid fault I committed tax credit fraud. I separated from my partner and moved out, starting claiming tax credits. After a year I couldn't afford to stay in the rented property so he suggested I move back to his(house is solely in his name), which I did, separate rooms and separate lives apart from the odd day out with our daughter.
Informed tax credit that I had moved back with him but not as a couple.
Anyway last March got a letter saying I had to go in for an iuc, which I went to told them the story and basically admitted to commiting fraud. Never heard nothing until yesterday and I have now been summoned to court.
I have the letter that i originally sent to them explains my situation.
Don't know what to do now.
I'm still at his house and on the waiting list for council. We have nothing joint.
I'm really scared I'll end up going to prison...

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