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Compensation claims

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ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 11:20:34

Me and 3 other ladys was in a accident in 2013,we have all got personal injurys claims in but today one of the other ladys rang me and said they is only 2million in the pot for us all to be payed out.they have to pay all legal fees and court costs and they may not be enough money to go round so what will happen will they have to sell there business.??

kirinm Wed 13-Jul-16 11:22:01

What sort of accident? Presumably there is a £2 million indemnity limit on an insurance policy? How injured are you that the £2 million will be exhausted? Are you represented by a solicitor?

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 11:37:55

I broke my L1/L3 in my spine and smashed my femur also have cauda equina and life changing Injurys and perminant nerve damage the other had broken arms.somebody lost there kidney. Smashed face etc we was on a balcony that smashed 12 ft to the concrete floor yes we have soliciters but all different ones.

kirinm Wed 13-Jul-16 11:49:02

Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear you suffered such horrific injuries! There is a chance that the third parties insurers will treat each of you as a separate claim and so there will be a £2 million indemnity limit per claim.

It may also be £2 million PLUS legal costs (which include court fees). Have you spoken to your solicitor?

If the indemnity limit is exhausted then yes, you could seek recovery of anything else from the Defendant themselves.

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 12:26:14

My friend says it's the 2 million for everything our Injurys and soliciters and barrister costs it's been 3 years 5 months now it needs wrapping up and done with.hmm

kirinm Wed 13-Jul-16 12:32:49

If you've got life changing injuries, your solicitors will be wanting to ensure you recover what you need to live the rest of your life. That takes time although if you've received offers if settlement then it's up to you to consider whether you want to accept them.

kirinm Wed 13-Jul-16 12:34:54

And I would highly recommend speaking to your solicitor rather than your friend.

Their injuries might not be valued at the same level as yours. Injuries in themselves rarely attract large sums but losses that you incur and will continue to incur if you are unable to work or need care increase the value of claims. Has liability been admitted?

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 13:03:03

My friend was in the same accident with me.rang my soliciter but he's out at the moment will know more when I've spoke to him.

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 13:03:45

Also no offers yet smile

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 13:04:51

Yes liability has been admitted.

kirinm Wed 13-Jul-16 13:20:45

Have proceedings been issued then?

ilovesprouts Wed 13-Jul-16 16:42:27

In process at the moment.

ilovesprouts Thu 14-Jul-16 13:47:22

All true what friend said.solicitors gonna ask for further news so I'm just waiting now ....

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