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Drowning I'm debt. Please please help.

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Debthelp2016 Tue 12-Jul-16 14:59:00

I am SO ashamed to be writing this. Please don't judge me, I'm already in a very dark place I just couldn't handle any judgement please.

My situation is that I have a dh and we had a few credit cards and a very small (£300) credit union loan. We were both on low wages but managing to get by, paying the minimum amount or more off each month.

Then our dc came along and we had an unexpected expense so took our another credit union loan after the other one was paid off, but this time for a lot more. Unfortunately after taking this out I became unwell so didn't return to work (under investigation with gp)

Then due to circumstances beyond our control we had to relocate. During the time of relocation I looked up my credit history and found I had lots of debt, including 2 CCJs. I basically didn't know I had any of this debt as I thought my ex had paid it off, and then due to moving house and changing my name due to marriage, I hadn't received any letters etc.

I went onto step change and they advised my best option was a debt management plan. I tried to start saving up to pay for this.

We moved a fee months later and things are incredibly difficult. Our rent is more, there's now commuting costs, dh's wage I lower etc. We just couldn't afford to pay the creditors any more as we can't even afford to pay our normal bills (I know this is really bad).

The credit union have been in touch and we sent an expenditure form off. They have come back to us and said that they want £30 a month, that £200 house keeping is enough money for 2 people as our dc doesn't count as not an adult.

If we pay this £30 I don't know where we'll get money from to pay the other credit cards etc as they'll probably want the same amount.

I should add at this point, the credit union asked for my income as well as dh's when we took out the loan, even though the loan (and ccs) are in his name. So when we did the expenditure form we added in my income too.

I've looked at step change and I'm just wondering what the hell to do.

Do we:

1.) Pay CU £30 a month and write to the other creditors offering a token amount?

2.) Look at step change, but then do I do one for my dh's debt and then still try and find money to do a dmp for me? (As we are not financially linked) if so, would I put both our incomes down for dh's step change details? Or just his income and half the bills? (When I looked into dmp step change said for me just to put my income in)

3.) Do a step change plan with BOTH of our debts and incomes? But then would this financially link us?

I know another option is a dmp for us both but dh doesn't want one as he's working snd doesn't have CCJs etc, that's the only reason we were able to rent our house (with a guarantor too). We are possibly going to have to move again soon and if he has a dmp against his name we would probably struggle to be able to rent (took us 3 months to find someone to accept us before)

Sorry if this is confusing and thanks for any help.

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