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Advice needed please on council tax

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user1468156880 Sun 10-Jul-16 15:06:10

Hi, this is my first post and I'm not too sure on the acronyms so apologies in advance. The situation is my husband moved out of the family home 2 years ago. We are not divorced just separated. We have 3 children together and the house I live in with the children we purchased 15 years ago so it is mortgaged in both our names. Anyway, he moved out into rented accommodation. He has his own bills (council tax, rent, water etc) All bills at my address are in my name. I have been claiming single persons discount on my council tax as there is no other adult living here. Last week I received a letter from the council stating a review of my circumstances shows another adult as having financial links to my address. I had to sign the back of the form confirming my details hadn't changed and send it back, which I did. Yesterday I received a letter from the council stating my claim has been suspended as further information is required and they will contact me shortly. Will this have a knock on effect on my child tax credit? My ex has mental health problems (PTSD) which contributed to us separating after he had a breakdown. He needs help with paying his bills so I tend to pay them all for him(he puts the money in my account and I pay them), he also suffers from anxiety so I take him shopping - again he pays I just do the shopping for him. I also do all his paperwork for him as he has problems understanding forms. He is in receipt of DLA which includes the care component so DWP are aware he needs care. He does not live here though, he sleeps at his own property where he pays rent, his car is registered and he is named on all his bills including his own council tax. If anybody can offer advice it would be much appreciated as this letter has caused me so much stress (especially as they are shut over the weekend so I cant call them!) TIA

ChunkyHare Sun 10-Jul-16 19:15:11

I would provide the council with your ex's address and say he is liable for council tax at that property and confirm you are separated.

I used to work in council tax which was a while ago but it can't have changed that much. If the property your ex is in comes under a different council your council can contact that council to confirm he is registered to pay council tax at that address.

I would not tell them about the bill arrangement as it is none of their business.

I would put everything in writing, so email them rather than ring them. That way you can merely state what you wish to tell them.

So confirm you are separated from your husband, he now rents X property and pays all bills there including council tax.

user1468156880 Sun 10-Jul-16 19:39:56

Thank you for the advice. Would I have received this letter because he is still on the mortgage? It is with the same council. I have copies of all his bills as he brings them all here for me to file. He pays maintenance for the children to, but I would have thought this is separate.

He is not registered to vote here as I removed him from that. He doesn't know how to vote so he doesn't think he is registered at his flat either.

I have double checked all my bills and I definitely removed him from them when he left. I also removed him from our joint bank account so it is now solely used by me. He does still have his personal account though which is still registered here.

Do you know if this would affect my child tax credits, I already struggle every month so if they stop that to I'll end up getting into debt which I really want to avoid if possible. TIA

ChunkyHare Tue 12-Jul-16 11:10:32

Sorry, only just seen this. Whether he is on the mortgage or not shouldn't matter. You can only have 1 "sole and main" residence and your house is not it.

If he was living with his parents then yes, they could levy a full charge at the marital home because he is entitled to live there but chooses not to. Because your ex rents a property and pays council tax there he cannot be liable for council tax at the marital home.

Yes, people own more than one property but only 1 is considered to be their sole and main residence and therefore the other property (second home) has a lesser charge.

It shouldn't affect any of your benefits because he will have a tenancy agreement for his own place proving that you are indeed separated. Usually letting agents provide a copy of the tenancy agreement to the council tax department but if not you can provide the name of the letting agency and the council can check with them.

It doesn't matter that his name is still on the mortgage, it can take years to sort out a divorce and any financial agreements. I cannot understand why you have had your account amended.

The reason I said email is because it is in writing, you state the situation, separated, here is his address, and he is liable for council tax there, please amend my bill. No need to muddy waters with you accept money from him and then pay his bills. It is none of their business.

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